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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Church nursery child information sheet

Instructions and Help about Church nursery child information sheet

One of the big questions I have for myself is how do I connect with my students how do I show an interest in them and their lives when I only have 30 minutes per week per class that's a difficult one but I put together something that helps me a lot and it's a simple sheet that I gave out the very first lesson of the year and this is for grades 5 6 & 7 I get them to write their name their birthday and also some of their favourite things and as you can see here I get them to list them out and then I also have two questions for them what was the one of the best gifts they got for Christmas and what was one of the best things they did over the holidays and I also like to get an idea whether or not they attend church at the bottom I put some simple little riddles just for fun so I take those sheets home after they fill them out that first lesson and then I have a grid here and then I begin filling out the grid with the various answers and things they put in and you can see their interests a lot of people share their sentence images like a lot playing netball here or they enjoy they have their favorite pet is an animal or fabrics celebrities Taylor Swift and gives me an idea of what they're doing what they enjoy the other thing that I like about this is I at the end of the second list and I go through and start naming some of the things they put in and the kids are very excited when I call onto them and this one this boy put all my favorite celebrity is my mum I'm about that was pretty cool and I learned a lot of things about what they enjoy and the places they go and it makes them feel that I'm interested in them which I am I'm interested to find out what they like and what they do so a simple information sheet is really helpful to do at the very beginning of the year now with the younger ones you can't do something that in-depth of course so here's a simple one for grades 1 & 2 just finding out their birthday and a little color sheet for them to trace and color and then this is for grades 3 & 4 some again some questions and more simple not as many and probably easier for them to do so there's a tip and an idea for you to get to know your kids and the things they enjoy and to show an interest in their lives.

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