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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Early years and childcare registration handbook PDF

Instructions and Help about Early years and childcare registration handbook PDF

Music okay so we are talking about a documenting everything when I was military I learned that if you didn't document it it did not happen and when I was in the medical field and it was extremely important that we documented every single thing because when I worked in the NICU which is the neonatal intensive care unit where the little babies come out small or maybe they have certain complications that require them to stay in the hospital longer than normal we couldn't just say oh yeah I've got that baby over there what time did you feed them hey how much you see them up 10 cc's I mean hello but if it wasn't documented in our chart then the doctor will be like okay but you didn't document you didn't document you the initially in sign so I can learn a lot in the medical field another thing I learned was to always have a pen and paper everywhere you go if you're going to a training if you're going to a meeting make sure you always have a pen and paper and so I just always walk around with like a little notebook and pin because the reason was you never know when someone's going to say something inspiring something that you want to always remember okay and so everywhere I went I always had a pen I always had a paper and I will write down things or like aha moments are things I need to know and I was a young airman and military that really impressed a lot of people because they were like wow this person really wants to learn and it gives you that sense that you don't know everything so I don't know everything so I'm always walking around with pen and paper so if I'm going to a training I'm going to be that person that has a notebook a couple pins some highlighters I mean that is my personality type anyway but still I make sure that I always have all of those things so that's a documenting you want to make sure you document everything when it comes to child care you know like the second most important thing I always talk about you know besides the children everything when it comes to child care would be documenting I talk about policies being like one the number one important being your policy handbook the second thing for me highest on list will be documenting if you do not document it will not you'll just have a headache you understand because people forget things you forget things I ever get things I forget things all the time you always forget things I mean but I find that in them Jesus I remember things I remember things you have kind bring things in but anyway yes right document the moment appearing comes in and my policy handbook I talk about fi eyes for your information so as.


Why is registration important in early years?
We register childminders and childcare providers so that children are well cared for and that younger children are helped to learn in line with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Registration also helps to reassure parents that their children are safe.
What is a nominated person Ofsted?
This means someone who holds a position of authority in the organisation, and has the relevant knowledge, experience and seniority to be held responsible and accountable for all matters relating to the setting's Ofsted application and registration.
Who is exempt from registering with Ofsted?
You do not have to register if you. are a nanny, looking after children in their own home. are only looking after children over the age of 8 in someone's home. do not receive any money, vouchers, goods or services in return for childcare.
Why is self-registration important?
Self-registration is a great way to give children responsibility for a task and instil a sense of daily routine. Using children's names on a classroom attendance display chart is also really helpful for young children to get more familiar with recognising and writing their own names and also the names of their peers.
What is the difference between Early Years Register and childcare register?
Ofsted holds two registers, the Early Years Register for those caring for children from birth to 31st August after their 5th birthday, and the Childcare register which has two parts. the compulsory part for those caring for children aged 5 up to 8 years and the voluntary part for those caring for children aged 8 and ...
What are the Ofsted legal requirements for early years?
You must register with Ofsted or a childminder agency if you want to be paid to look after children under 8 for more than two hours a day in England 13 unless you're exempt. You can get an unlimited fine or be sent to prison or both if you provide childminding or daycare service without being registered.
Can an early years setting operate without registering with Ofsted?
Anyone who cares for children under the age of eight for more than two hours a day in England must register with Ofsted unless they are exempt, as detailed in Annex A of this handbook. It is an offence to provide such childcare without being registered or on premises that have not been approved.
Who must register with Ofsted?
Most settings for pre-school children must register with Ofsted on the Early Years Register. If the setting also cares for children from five to eight years old, as part of an out-of-school or holiday club for example, it must also register with Ofsted on the Childcare Register.
Can you look after children without being Ofsted registered?
Ofsted Registration Criteria Childminders must be registered with Ofsted in order to look after children under the age of 8 years old.
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