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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Child care regulations uk

Instructions and Help about Child care regulations uk

Before start any video I need like a cup of tea because tea is over spoon so hi everyone I'm Alice and today I'm going to be talking about a very different subject then I covered on this channel before I know I've only made a few videos but this is a very different style of video I guess it's like information and a lot of talking and I'm going to try not to edit too much but I'm going to also try drop my hit like crazy amount of time so yes we're going to get on with the video this video is about my course that I do in college I do a cache course cache is the is the example it's a full time course at college it's equivalent to three a levels but it's it's a course everyone's like oh is it a BTech it's it's not a BTech technically and it's not an NVQ I think the letter it's not that it's well this is a v RQ on this booklet I'm looking at it says vrq it says BR q um so I don't know but yeah I do level 3 child care I go to college full time five days a week I will explain later how are they split off uh stuff like that but yes it is a full time course and therefore when people turn their noses up or they I like a lot of childcare or you just play with kids all day like no no we don't sorry mm-hmm everyone decides that a BTech that cost of whatever is not as good a levels and I think that you need to reconsider how you judge that because unless you do both you can't tell they're both extremely different like like completely different universes so I don't know how you could even compare the two to be honest but yeah okay so after searching the internet on my phone for ages I have found the exact name of our course so it is the cash CH then we learn to read Alice on my help so our course is cash see a CH e level 3 award certificate & diploma in child care and education early years educator v RQ i will put a link to that down below in case anyone's interested but you know you don't have to be this could apply I think to many courses definitely other levels of cash courses as well level 1 level 2 whatever so yes I do have this with me because I am reading of my notes that I made because I feel like when it comes to this course I could talk forever about it because there's so much so I'm going to not talk forever about it and I'm going to stick to my points that I made I hope that this video isn't crazy long so for starters this is the handbook that we get.


What is regulation 5 childcare?
The development of the National Assessment Guide for Regulation 5. Ensures the Child and Family Agency take an explicit and consistent approach inspecting Regulation 5. Assists the Child and Family Agency in evaluating support for child development in early childhood care and educational settings.
Why are legislations important in childcare?
It is the responsibility of every professional that comes into contact with a child, not simply those who work in education. Knowing the key legislation and policy ensures that you are able to do all you can to protect the children in your care.
What is the difference between Title 22 & Title 5?
In addition, state subsidized child care centers must meet Education Code requirements, commonly known as Title 5, which sets stricter adult/child ratios and staff qualifications than Title 22. property.
What are the 4 safeguarding duties in the Childcare Act?
The Childcare Act 2022 sets out the following legal duties. Local authorities are required to ensure sufficient childcare. Local authorities are required to provide information to parents and families. Agencies are required to work together and integrate services.
What is a pre coded observation?
Checklist / Pre-coded . Checklist or pre-coded observations may be set out in a variety of formats and are normally lists of particular skills within an area of learning. They require planning and preparation prior to the observation being carried out.
What is a flow chart observation in childcare?
Flow charts. Records a child's movement within. the childcare setting over a specified period of. time.
What is legislation in childcare in Ireland?
The regulation of pre-school childcare services is set out in the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2022. The Regulations describe the standards of health, safety and welfare that must be in place before such services can be provided.
What legislations are there in childcare?
The legislation relevant to health and safety in a childcare setting is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) and the Children Act 1989.
Who regulates childcare services in England?
Ofsted uses its regulatory powers to inspect providers on the Childcare Register. This includes a power of entry under section 77 of the Act to determine whether a provider is complying with its conditions or requirements of registration.
What is the Childcare Act 2022 legislation?
An Act to make provision about the powers and duties of local authorities and other bodies in England in relation to the improvement of the well-being of young children; to make provision about the powers and duties of local authorities in England and Wales in relation to the provision of childcare and the provision of ...
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