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How safe are childcare websites and apps and how can you trust the childcare providers registered to the site?
Childcare websites are great for finding nannies! However, people can post anything they want online about their experience with children. Do your due diligence before hiring!When all is said and done, you, not the agency or website, are responsible for whom you’ll allow in your home to watch your child.Here are all the things you should do after reviewing online profiles you like:Interview in person before hiring. Don’t hire anyone that you cannot interview in person. Don’t skype and don’t interview in a coffee shop—interview at your home. Your candidate is going to be working and perhaps living there. You will get better sense of the matter when you interview in person in your home. Ask many questions to get an idea of their personal past, their work experience, and why did they chose to work as a nanny.Friend them on their social media accounts and review what they post online. If you don’t like what you see online, you won’t like what you get in person. A red flag is too many SELFIES—think long and hard as to why someone spends a lot of time posting selfies—they are lonely, depressed, selfish, and bored, qualities you don’t want in a caregiver.Demand references of the families your candidates have claimed to have worked for. This is crucial because clean background checks mean little to nothing if it’s not backed up by references. You don’t want to hire someone that hasn’t been caught yet. You also need to know what you’ll be expecting in service before paying for it. References are most telling of future performance from a nanny. Ask the candidate how they came to meet the families they worked for and how much they earned. Ask the reference the same thing because fake references get stumped on that. Don’t rely on reference letters because anyone can write one. You need phone numbers. If a candidate said she lost the family’s phone number, that is complete BS. Great nannies always keep in touch with their previous families and have their number handy.Even if the interview and reference checking still went well, you’re not done vetting yet! Things can still change over time. Tell the new hire she’s on trials/probation period—if you don’t like what you see or if you are not happy with the service, you will let her go. Let your neighbors know you’ve hired someone new and ask them to keep an eye out. Drop by unannounced to check on things. Your nanny should know someone is always watching some way, some howIf you don’t feel comfortable around her then it is your duty as a parent to get rid of her and protect your child(ren) from that person.Your nanny is responsible for earning and maintaining your trust in her.
What is the procedure to fill out the form of the CA foundation? I have already registered in ICAI.
Jyoti, you can either go for online filing or offline ( I would recommend online). Please visit FAQ and Guidance Note tabs of to be familiar with the exam form filing process before you start the filing work.Hope it helps.
How does one get invited to the Quora Partner Program? What criteria do they use, or is it completely random?
I live in Germany. I got an invite to the Quora partner program the day I landed in USA for a business trip. So from what I understand, irrespective of the number of views on your answers, there is some additional eligibility criteria for you to even get an email invite.If you read the terms of service, point 1 states:Eligibility. You must be located in the United States to participate in this Program. If you are a Quora employee, you are eligible to participate and earn up to a maximum of $200 USD a month. You also agree to be bound by the Platform Terms ( as a condition of participation.Again, if you check the FAQ section:How can other people I know .participate?The program is invite-only at this time, but we intend to open it up to more people as time goes on.So my guess is that Quora is currently targeting people based out of USA, who are active on Quora, may or may not be answering questions frequently ( I have not answered questions frequently in the past year or so) and have a certain number of consistent answer views.Edit 1: Thanks to @Anita Scotch, I got to know that the Quora partner program is now available for other countries too. Copying Anuta’s comment here:If you reside in one of the Countries, The Quora Partner Program is active in, you are eligible to participate in the program.” ( I read more will be added, at some point, but here are the countries, currently eligible at this writing,) U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Australia.11/14/2018Edit 2 : Here is the latest list of countries with 3 new additions eligible for the Quora Partner program:U.S., Japan, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India and Brazil.Thanks to Monoswita Rez for informing me about this update.
How can I get more people to fill out my survey?
Make it compellingQuickly and clearly make these points:Who you are and why you are doing thisHow long it takesWhats in it for me -- why should someone help you by completing the surveyExample: "Please spend 3 minutes helping me make it easier to learn Mathematics. Answer 8 short questions for my eternal gratitude and (optional) credit on my research findings. Thank you SO MUCH for helping."Make it convenientKeep it shortShow up at the right place and time -- when people have the time and inclination to help. For example, when students are planning their schedules. Reward participationOffer gift cards, eBooks, study tips, or some other incentive for helping.Test and refineTest out different offers and even different question wording and ordering to learn which has the best response rate, then send more invitations to the offer with the highest response rate.Reward referralsIf offering a reward, increase it for referrals. Include a custom invite link that tracks referrals.
Can I fill out or register again for DU because I forgot to apply for the subject I want to study?
Yes do it again otherwise you will not get admission to your subject….
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