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How to complete any Form Ey2 online:

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Childcare register

Instructions and Help about Childcare register

The home child care trainers your YouTube channel for tips tricks training all in the area of caring for children this is your YouTube channel where we help you to start grow and succeed as home child care providers and this is your first time welcome hit that subscribe button also hit the alert button so you will know the next time we upload brand new videos today I'm gonna dive on in on how to create your own a website it's very very important for you to have a website so that you can reach the maximum income as a and home childcare provider now this is a quick overview of me doing a client website I will have a course on my online courses that will go step by step slower and explain more in detail on how to create your website but for right now we're gonna just dive right on in and basically it's gonna be like talking to you as a friend and so I'm just gonna just tell you step by step what I'm doing to our website and all the things that I'm doing to help her to go live so that she has her website so let's get started first thing I'm gonna want to do is take this screen off of me hey now feel better alright I use GoDaddy because GoDaddy is very inexpensive when it comes to doing the website when you first get him to go dad he's gonna ask you what type of business do you have you're gonna click in their home child care and our child care center anything children related and so it's going to give you these things right now we are on the things page the theme is basically showing you different layouts of how your website can be so you're gonna go in there and you're gonna pick what web what then fits you the most like which one fits your character which one you like you could go with a dark theme and go with a light thing and basically this is just your theme you're gonna hit your theme something that works for you I actually like this one and I like this one as well um I like this one mostly because it's very crisp so I'm going to select this theme once I select this theme I'm going to customize it once you go to customize it's going to bring it up on the page for you where you can see it completely I have to log back in because I was taking forever so stand by guys I told you it'll be like my talk to you as a friend but it's gonna get me right back into where we left off alright back to the theme this is the theme that I selected now within the themes you can change the color of the theme so even though I have a template where it's.

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